We LOVE sharing our city with people! Join us and find out why we are the #1 ranked food tour in Santa Fe.

Welcome to Wander New Mexico! We know how many different things there are to do in Santa Fe. We know how that when planning a trip here, every experience counts. 

That's why our walking food tours are built by locals for locals. On our tours we'll sample dishes from old-school classics and cutting-edge young chefs and hear the stories behind the unique, flavorful, and diverse cuisine of the city and region - how Mark Miller put Santa Fe on the culinary map in the 1980s, why Santa Fe was named one of the top 10 food cities in the country by Conde Nast, and why you shouldn't confuse New Mexican cuisine with Tex-Mex!

At Wander New Mexico our walking tours are truly unique - here's why:

Meet The Chefs, Owners, Distillers And Winemakers

meet the chefs, Owners, distillers and winemakers

We designed our tours to connect you with the people behind some of the Santa Fe's best restaurants, wineries and distilleries.  We go behind the scenes and into the kitchen to hear from owners and chefs and learn about the inspiration behind the dish.

Our tours are about more than just food - they are about bringing flavors to life through unique and engaging stories.


Feel Like With You’re Amongst Friends (And Not On a Tour)

While other tours sometimes allow up to 20+ participants, we like to be on a first name basis with each of our guests. That’s why we limit our tours to 12 max (Railyard and Plaza) and 8 max (Canyon Road and Women of the West).

Think of our guides like old friends who live in Santa Fe and want to show you around our favorite places to eat and drink. While introducing you to some of the colorful local characters. And sharing fun facts and interesting stories about Santa Fe and why we love to call it our home.

To summarize - if we had a motto, it would probably be “Wander New Mexico - tours that aren’t touristy.”

Photo courtesy of Palace of Governors Photo Archives, negative #66658

Photo courtesy of Palace of Governors Photo Archives, negative #66658

Understand the Historical and cultural context 

If you're only looking to eat at the best restaurants in Santa Fe, then simply download our guide to "The Best of Santa Fe" and eat off that list.  We promise you won't be disappointed. But you'll be missing what makes our tours so special - the historical and cultural context, the personal stories behind the food, and surprising insights about this unique region.

The bottom line: on our tours you will have a one-of-a-kind experience that you couldn't have had on your own.

Topics covered on our tours include: 

  • What is New Mexican cuisine and why do locals get upset when you confuse it with Tex-Mex?

  • Where was wine first produced in the United States? (Hint: not California)

  • What makes Hatch chiles world famous?

  • How are local chefs bringing back heirloom and heritage ingredients?

Tours That Are For People Who Love Food, By People Who Love Food

tours that are for people who love food, by people who love food

We're incredibly passionate about food. Eating it, cooking it, growing it, talking about it, dreaming about it... We're home brewers, amateur cheesemakers, and DIY home gardeners.

We feel lucky to live in a city that combines a deep and multi-cultural food heritage with an innovative and exciting food scene. We consider it our mission to discover everything that Santa Fe has to offer and we can't wait to share it with you!